RIVIERA BASKETBALL ACADEMY is a training and improvement center that welcomes everyday basketball players who want to train more in contact with professional coaches specialized in individualized training...
It is a unique structure in the region for young players from clubs, hope centers, training centers and professional players. Players can come and train according to their schedule and needs. The academy welcomes them on an ad hoc or regular basis to SOPHIA-ANTIPOLIS within the new brand RIVIERA BASKETBALL CENTER. The training session runs individually or in reduced numbers (2 or 3 players). Each player can establish his schedule and his training frequency according to his needs.
opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm.


The development of shooting skills (real shooting school with video use).
Improvement of dexterity (with the use of innovative tools).
The acquisition of offensive movements (also called "moves").
The work of the rebound and the improvement of defensive skills.
Recognition and practice of the specific situations of "pick'n roll" matches, screens, transition games etc ... "
The development of speed and strength.
We teach a work ethic where discipline, intensity and repetition are the key words.

Physical training

Our physical trainer propose work in the following areas: Strength Development, Power, Coordination, Speed, Velocity, Flexibility, Endurance and Recovery.

Basketball Training Concept

Individualized training
Even if each player is registered in a collective logic, we emphasize the individualization of the training. The flexibility of the schedule, the adaptation of programs and services offered, are priorities for the development and success of each player. The coaches of the academy have, as essential criterion, training of the player, the ability of the latter to move beyond his comfort zone to reach the next level.

Objectives :
To be able mentally to accept a strong opposition, the difficulty of series of actions, a resistance to relaxation, even discouragement. All that constitutes a preparation to the requirements of high competition. Be able to withstand intensive physical preparation work to improve speed, strength, power, relaxation, velocity. The program developed by our coaches is aimed at young players who want to optimize their training and acquire all the skills to reach the best possible level. The program uses an innovative concept (Basketball Training Concept) where all the exercises are carried out with precision and intensity and where the use of pedagogical and technological tools is omnipresent.

The sense of detail and the knowledge of the game of our coaches leads each player towards excellence. They communicate their enthusiasm by actively participating in the training (the coach trains with the player) in this way the transfer of skills is optimized. They push players out of their comfort zone to acquire new skills and insist on repetition to reinforce those already acquired.

The program is designed to develop the skills of players in the technical and technical-tactical fields, address, understanding of the game as well as confidence and motivation. The practice focus on works common to all gaming posts and works by gaming post. The method is very similar to the one offered by our coaches to up-and-coming and professional players who call upon the services of our coaches during the season for point sessions or during summer camps.

Professional and up-and-coming players

Informations - VidEos

Young players

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We also offer nutritional advice to maintain a balanced diet and studies of energy needs.
Recovery technique (stretching, specific exercises).
Mental preparation
the improvement of self-confidence, motivation development, knowledge of one's discipline and requirements, and definition of objectives and evaluation of the path to attained them. Find and adjust your place in a collective. Manage the pressure and frequency of workouts. The high level is our reference.


FRANCK GALLOT : 50 years old, 2nd degree state-certified, former coach of professional teams (Ajaccio), former head coach of the Antibes training center, former coach of the PACA Hope Center Founder of BASKETBALL TRAINING CONCEPT and personal coach of professional players (France and Europe).
Travarus Bennett : 37 years old, former professional player in USA, Switzerland Germany and France (Limoges and Monaco). Member of BASKETBALL TRAINING CONCEPT and personal coach of hopeful and professional players
1 physical trainer


Individual session: € 60
Two-player session: € 45 / player
3-player session: € 35 / player
Discounted rates on subscription, consult us at :
06 22 73 45 57


28 rue de Mimont
06400 Cannes

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